The Missing Scarf

CLIENT: The Irish Film Board
    AGENCY: Belly

The Missing Scarf is a short animated film that tells the tale of Albert, a squirrel looking for his scarf. The film received widespread international praise, most notably a shortlisting for the 86th Academy Awards. The project was produced in partnership with The Irish Film Board, RTE and The Arts Council.

George Takei

We were very excited to welcome the one and only George Takei onto the team. George delivered a powerful performance and simple nailed the persona of the film. George is also the nicest friendliest human on planet earth.

George Takei

Writer / Director

Jamie Hogan

Richard Duffy
Script Editor

Music Company

Tobias Norberg, Gavin Little

Gavin Little, Joe McHugh
Sound Designers

Windmill Lane
Post Production

Gordon Judge

Stephen Proctor

Emma Scott
Executive Producer

Pauline McNamara
Executive Producer for RTÉ

Fionnuala Sweeney
Head of Film and International Arts

Jill McGregor
Shorts Co-ordinator